Though we can look around us at His creation to see His power and limitless creativity, we need something more to discern His will for us, His plan for our present and eternal lives. God has given us His Holy Word, The Bible, so that we can better know Him and His will, his ways, the extent of His love and mercy, and also the extent of His wrath and judgment.

Many Haitians who want a Bible do not have one. A high rate of illiteracy here makes effective Bible distribution more challenging. Still, there are many people who can benefit from having their own personal Bible.

As mentioned by Pastor, 60% of the believers can’t afford to have a bible and that makes their lifes hard to strengthen in Christ. Our initial plan is to distribute Bibles for the needy who cannot afford a Bible with a long term view to strengthen the Churches, Deliverance and strengthening of spiritual life. The cost of each Creole language bible is around 10 USD.