By the grace of God we managed to do outreach in the busy section of Queens, NY area. There were lots of people who received tracts but we were able to witness to one person Abraham. This was a person who was familiar with some of the Bible verses and we shared the Gospel message and the need to be born again. Abraham patiently listened to the message. He suffered from a certain skin disease and requested that we pray and we prayed for his salvation and healing.

His one request was that he needed another pants as the one that he was wearing, unfortunately we could not do anything but requested that he visit the church where we have the monthly food pantry for homeless. His need was more urgent as he could not continue in his pants due to the skin rashes and heat, so we gave him money to buy a pant. We continue to remember to pray for him everyday that God intervenes in his life and we hope to hear in this life or in the life to come.

I want to leave you with this one thought that Abraham shared with us when we asked him to visit the church for the monthly food pantry service. As we were in the middle of the road in another city there were logistical issues. His thought was Churches cannot dictate a time to help the poor but that the church should be available 24×7 to help the needy and he said once God blesses him he intends to start one where he would serve 24×7. It struck us as true but is it feasible? What do you think?

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