Jesus Family Ministry Vision

Our Vision 2020

  1. To build 1 new school in Haiti
  2. Start a new church in U.S.A
  3. Start new churches in India, Sri Lanka, Haiti and Dominican Republic
  4. Add new families to JFM Churches
  5. Reach 1,000 new souls and baptize them
  6. Distribute 10,000 Bibles to churches
  7. Distribute 100,000 Gospel Tracts

The World needs JESUS CHRIST. Only the gospel of Jesus Christ will set the people free from all kinds of sin and darkness and bondage. That is the primary reason we establish Churches and raise godly leaders as early as possible wherever God opens the door.

We have started our ministry in many countries such as India, Sri Lanka, Haiti, Dominican Republic, Australia, Guyana and USA.

Jesus Family Ministry has drawn its inspiration from the missionaries who have sacrificed all the comforts of the world and took the burden of gospel on their shoulders. There are many unknown missionaries and evangelists who hardly get any support to preach Christ and to support their family. But on the other hand, there are Christian leaders who have everything and much more than what they need. We, as Jesus Family Ministry extend our support

In addition to these, according to Matthew 25:40, we extend our help to orphan kids, destitute and widows.

The main vision of Jesus Family Ministry is to help the poor Pastors. And I firmly believe that our Lord has given us Churches in USA to support the village Pastors. When I went to see some of the Pastors and the Churches made out of thatched huts and asbestos sheets, and the plight of God’s servants in such remote villages, I was moved. When I explained this situation to people, no one was interested in helping them. So I prayed and cried out to God and took this as the burden that God is putting on my heart to support them in whatever way.